Data from labor market study show over 50% of IT teams believe that IT projects can be significantly optimized. By optimizations we mean improving the quality of projects, amend punctuality and increase resources use. Thanks to the experience of our consultants and a unique approach, we will increase your team knowledge, which will lead into appropriate team behavior. We will assess structure and meetings efficiency to impact meetings, to transfer actions to effectiveness of decisions making. Having extensive experience in designing IT processes, we will examine and evaluate processes in your project and propose solutions to improve them.

In order to examine the current state of your project, we propose – Standard Practices Assessment. During the analysis, we will assess and report your IT team’s behavior, evaluate selected meetings in terms of quality, effectiveness and action plan realization. We will verify processes and work methods according and compare to best in class processes. As a result of Standard Practices Assessment, you will receive full report on your project operations, which can be used to increase team’s performance. Analysis is free, and you don’t take any risk.